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Oracle BPM 12c launch webcast

Oracle just launched their BPM 12c suite and Andy Kershaw presented a webcast on it this lunchtime (EST).  This was mostly a business and marketing-driven event, so very lacking in the detail and architecture that I would have liked to see, but I imagine those types of presentation will be coming along later.

I was also able to review the Oracle white paper on “What’s New in Oracle BPM 12c”  and the updated data sheet which gave some more detail on subjects Andy didn’t have time to cover.

From these two sources there are a few new areas of functionality that I will be interested in digging into a little more deeply:

  • Ability to define business rules verbally in Process Composer sounds interesting and useful, but the devil will be in the details
  • Better support for mobile – absolutely crucial these days.
  • “Adaptive Case Management” – which I really hope isn’t just marketing fluff.  If it truly delivers on the closer integration of BPM, Content, Data, and BAM it will be a great thing for clients who have previously had to cobble this together themselves.
  • Better integration with cloud-based and 3rd-party applications – obviously Eloqua and Fusion Apps, but also Salesforce, SAP and others.  Strangely, I can’t find info on this on the Oracle web site, but obviously this is a big advantage for the majority of businesses that are diverse in their vendor choices.

A lot of other interesting aspects of KPI tracking, better analytics, integration with Oracle R, etc.  I wonder if a limited use license for this will still be bundled with WebCenter Content?  It certainly looks like WCC is bundled with the BPM suite for use in Case Management.

Branching out to a dedicated Tech blog

I’ve been meaning to set up this expanded WordPress site to allow me to explore technical subjects in more depth than twitter allows and with more freedom than my company’s blog allows.  So here we are – finally – after wrestling with my hosting partner, naming convention issues, WordPress configuration, and plugin challenges.

Needless to say – all opinions in here are 100% my own and do not reflect the views of my company, my colleagues, my former employers, or anyone else.  All mistakes are my own and all incorrect conclusions, laughable assertions, and illogical conclusions would reflect only on me.