New features in Alfresco 5.0 Enterprise

Alfresco Summit was last week in San Francisco and there were quite a few interesting announcements timed to coincide with the show.  There was the news that Alfresco had raised another $45M to continue the expansion and “SaaS-ification of the content market” (seriously?).  I’m not at all interested in that apart from the fact that it means Alfresco will be around in the medium term to develop and update the suite. I’m outraged by the bastardization of the language in that quote above, but I’ll let that go for now.

There was less press hoopla about the new features in Alfresco 5, although those were covered more in various twitter feeds from the show.  Maybe official press releases are just for marketing fluff and actual technical stuff is covered elsewhere?

As far as I can tell, the new functionality listed here for Alfresco Community 5.0 is what is also in Enterprise 5.0 – but if I’m wrong I hope someone will correct me.  The main areas called out as new are:

The press release also talks about improvements in reporting and analytics, encryption, scalability, etc., but I’ll wait until we get more details to cover those.

I’ll be starting a new project next month in which we deploy Alfresco on AWS as an information governance solution, so I’ll be looking forward to digging into these capabilities in more detail and I will report on my impressions here.

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