Aether Apparel Highline jacket review

I first saw this jacket and tried it at the Aether Apparel store on Crosby in SoHo.  It was last spring and because it was so late in the season they didn’t have the size and colour I wanted.  I’d been hoping there would be a summer sale where I could pick this up at a discount.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen so I paid full price in late September (and then, of course, there was a Black Friday sale, but I was already using the jacket in Newfoundland when that happened)

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Cost is definitely a barrier for the jacket as it goes for $550, but I believe it’s decent value given the quality of materials, workmanship, and design.  It’s been my go-to jacket through the late fall and early winter and because I tend to keep quality gear for a long time, I’m happy.

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The key differentiator for this jacket is that it has a much slimmer, more “urban” style than most down or primaloft jackets.  It looks more like the quilted Barbour jackets that everyone wears in Italy in the winter, but has the functionality of most technical down jackets.  The outer material is Schoeller microfiber which is a big plus for me because I’ve been very happy with other items using Schoeller fabrics in the past.

Overall it’s been warm enough for use into the 20’s F (-6º C) and I expect it will still be practical for 10-15º cooler.  Water resistance is good although it’s not a rain jacket.  My only observation / complaint is that the water repellent treatment on the lower sleeves has worn after 3 months use.

Fit is great for tall people like me.  The body is long, and I love that it’s longer at the back.  The sleeves are also a perfect length for me – I wear 35″ in dress shirts. One of my favorite touches is that the inner lining on the grey jacket is bright red.  I also really like the multiple pockets on the chest and hips.  One of the inner chest pockets also has headphone cord routing.  There are many other great small details like this.

You do pay a premium for the style compared to a similar jackets from, say, Patagonia, Marmot or Arc’teryx but this is definitely a tough, warm, dry technical garment on a par with offerings from those brands.  If style is also something to think about – i.e. you don’t want to look like you just got back from skiing or ice-climbing when you are in the city – then I would certainly recommend this.

(Images above are grabbed from the Aether Apparel web site – all rights are theirs.)

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  1. Thanks for the review dude. I’m reading everything I can about this jacket and every detail helps. I was torn between the North face Thermoball for lightweight tech and something like a Barbour for style and this seems to compromise nicely, plus its less commonly seen about town amongst everyone else. Just curious about the black friday sale- what was the mark down range like for last year? They make the moto eclipse jacket which is twice the cost of this one, and i need a sale to justify that expense.

    1. Glad this was helpful – I couldn’t find any reviews so it was a leap of faith for me. I have to say I really am pleased I bought this jacket (without a discount) and I got a ton of use of it. I also get more compliments wearing it than I am used to.

      I’d say it hits the Barbour style with the tech capabilities and does it well.

      I bought the jacket full price last year so I could get the color and size I wanted. If I remember there were 20% discounts on aether stuff last Black Friday (I was on a trip to NFLD so I don’t recall exactly). Sometimes, though, they exclude this jacket.

      Overall I would recommend this jacket highly even though it is expensive. I would say check the sizing because you probably want the slimmer, fitted size in order to justify the style. If you size up and get a baggy jacket you may as well get a $150 puffer coat. And I say that as a big/borderline fat guy.

      1. Hi, just came across your review, I find the jacket looks great. I’m thinking of ordering it online, so would be nice to have your feedback on the size you wear considering your height/weight.


        1. I’m 6’2″ and 235 pounds – I wear a size 5 (XL) it’s slim fitting but not too tight. The size 6 / XXL looked a little too big on me. I’d say Aether’s sizing is smaller than most big US brands, more in line with Euro sizing. For reference I wear XL for Patagonia stuff and XXL for Icebreaker

          1. Raoul, thanks for your great review and the feedback on sizing, it was definitely very helpful.

            I’ll share my impressions on the jacket once I have it.


  2. So now after owning this jacket for awhile and wearing when it freezing out I can honestly say it’s the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned u can wear this n the 20s wth only a tee shirt under it . If u had a base layer I’d say ud be cozy n the 10s

  3. I agree – best jacket purchase I’ve made, and honestly totally versatile. I can wear it dressed up or dressed down, and it looks great either way. Great review – hope these guys get the credit they’ve earned with the pieces they keep kicking out.

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